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We have 30 PCs available for rental each day. The cost is €100 for the full four days. You may buy tickets for individual days at €25 per day. You cannot bring your own PC. If you’re in the area and want to hang out, entrance to the viewing area is free.

PC Specs

24″ 144hz Monitor
Nvidia GTX 1070/RTX 3060ti
Intel Core i5/Ryzen 7 3800X
16 GB/32GB RAM


TimConLAN relies on crowdfunding from the community, this money will be used to pay for operational costs and prize pools. If you want your donation go to towards a specific game prize pool, please mention this in your payment message.

Thank you for support.

TimConLAN 9

Spring 2024


CPMA 1v1 Group Stage
Quake 3 DeFRaG


CPMA 1v1 Playoffs
Midnight Guns
Quake 3 DeFRaG


Quake Live 1v1 Group Stage
Midnight Guns
Quake 3 DeFRaG


CPMA Finals
Midnight Guns Finals
Quake Live Playoffs & Finals
Quake 3 DeFRaG

Reserve List

3 reserved
30 maximum
  • CrazyAl
  • ArchRhythm
  • Terifire